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Creating a Piano Studio

Here's a brief video to help new piano teachers get started on their unique journeys as entrepreneurs!

Private Studio

In the Rossi Music Studio, students learn to compose as they learn to play piano.  This makes the experience unique!  Families who value creativity are a good match.  I have been classically trained, so students will learn the basics of sight-reading, technique and theory.  However, we take it a step further and have more fun!

Lessons are divided into three segments: private time at the piano, music lab under earphones and monthly group lessons.  Themed recitals are held twice per year.  Every third recital is all original music, created by the students.


Contact Wynn-Anne for more information.


Composition Residencies

I’ve been offering composition residencies in Minnesota public schools since 2003, sponsored primarily by the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra.  These classroom residencies are often based on 8-10 weekly lessons, assisting young orchestra/band students to compose based on my own curriculum.  Residencies often include a Rossi commission (orchestra or band) designed specifically for the students. We end with a "World Premiere Concert" of original music created by the students, followed by a Rossi finale.


For a detailed article on these residencies, see Clavier magazine (April, 2007).


Do you want a composition residency for your students?  Let’s brainstorm and make it happen.

Skype and Video Coaching

I have great memories of my interactive video residencies, primarily sponsored by the Cowles Center for Dance and Performing Arts.  Using my own curriculum, I have taught composition online to classrooms across the state.  This is a wonderful experience for students who may never have the opportunity to interact with a professional composer. These online adventures end with a trip to the location to meet the students, hear their new music and celebrate the premiere of a Rossi commission.


For a detailed article on video residencies, see the Albert Lea Tribune (2/8/2007).


Skype coaching is my newest educational outreach!  I now offer lessons to young composition students across the country who want the coaching of a professional composer.  As my time is limited, these lessons can be a one-time event or coordinated on a monthly basis.  Preparation is important.  1-3 original pieces must be notated and forwarded one week ahead of the lesson.  Fees are based on the length of the lesson and level of the student.

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