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Student poster inspired by "Spirit of the Mountain Stream"

Do you want to adopt me?

Adoptions are incredible experiences!  My newest adoption, for the 2022-23 school year, is with a music school in South Africa!  In the 2021-22 school year, I joined the families of two studios, one in California and the other in Wisconson.  Previous adoptions include Buffalo NY, Pullman WA and Maumelle, AK.

The concept is simple.  I am your "composer-of-the-year".  Throughout the school year, students practice and perform Rossi music. We interact through email with questions and answers as students learn firsthand about the life of a composer and the creativity behind the music. We often schedule zoom sessions on a number of topics.  At the end of our virtual time together, we plan a final festival celebration. The adoption can involve a number of events from music sessions and masterclasses to recitals and poster contests.  An original commissioned piece can also be part of this event. Each adoption is unique and full of creative potential. 


Let's talk!

Piano solo commissions as part of adoptions include:

"Spirit of the Mountain Stream" (late int)

"Summertime Samba" (int)

"Sock Monster" (elem)

"Sirens of the Sea" (late int)

"Kitty Cat Etudes" (early int)

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