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Yes ... I do more than just piano music!  This is a partial list of my vocal and instrumental works.  Personal favorites lay hidden in the recesses of my computer or in remote closets and drawers.  If you are looking for something in particular, please feel free to contact me.  I may have a gem waiting just for you.  I’m also powered up for that next commission!

"FROG HUNT" from Creature Voices.

Performed by Dare to Breathe,

on Take Me North CD.


Nature Passion Poems (soprano, piano)

Creature Voices (a cappella SATTB, also SATB)

Family Farm (tenor, piano)


String Orchestra

Change of Heart

Movements in the Dark

Thunder Dance

Musical Journals

Winds of Time



Midnight Caravan

Minor Expressions

One Man's War


Liturgical Settings / Sacred

Excelsior Communion Setting

   (congregation with descants, handbells)

Northern Song

   (liturgy for congregation, SATB, opt. instruments)

Magnify the Lord

   (SAB, children's voices, piano, bells)

Message from Micah

   (SB, piano, percussion)

Tongues of Fire

   (SB, handbells, piano, percussion)

Open Prairie Song

   (SB, flute, piano)

"SKYSCRAPER", MTNA 2014 National Conference (Alfred Music)

Performed by Leo Saguiguit, Janice Wenger and Paul Garritson

Full/Chamber Orchestra

Plenty of Time

Spirits of the Earth

Iceland Fantasy (piano and orchestra)


Concert Band


Facing the Unknown

Call to Aaron

Origins of the River

Ramsey Variations

Nature Awakens


Instrumental / Digital

Take Me North (as heard in CD)

Skyscraper (clarinet, alto sax, piano) *

Time Benders (percussion)

Organic Rhapsody (violin, piano)


Advanced Piano


Torn Asunder

Theme and Ten Variations

State Fair Suite (4-hand)

Alien Landscapes






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