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Feeding wild reindeer in Ostersund, Sweden: October, 2017

Where is Wynn-Anne in 2021?

Contact Wynn-Anne for specifics on dates and times.



Wisconsin Music Teachers Association

1/23/21 webinar: "Seeds of Imagination"


St. Paul Piano Teachers Association

2/9/21 webinar: "Chapters in Creativity"

MusicEdConnect Conference

2/11/21 webinar: "Seeds of Imagination"


Fox Valley Music Teachers Association

3/12/21 webinar: "Seeds of Imagination"

Francis Clark Center

3/24/21 webinar: Composer Conversations with Jennifer Snow


Festival for Creative Pianists (international)

Commissioned work sponsored by Abundant Silence: Modern Dances

Festival judge and presenter


Composition faculty for the MacPhail Suzuki Institute, encouraging young musicians to create original music.  Celebration recital of these new works!


AIMA: Australian International Musicians Association

9/1/21 webinar: Get Ready for Creativity in the Studio

Introduction to the 6-book Get Ready series (FJH Music)


APPI: Association of Professional Piano Instructors

9/10/21  FLASH MOB with commissioned duet: "Dancing through Musical Eras"

Pittsburgh Piano Teacher Association and PYCO

9/22/21 in-person workshop: "Spark of Inspiration"


Musicians in the Making (San Francisco, CA)

10/3/21 Zoom session: Get to know our adopted composer!


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