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It has been a wild journey since 1990 when my first piano book was published.  Miraculously, I now have over 150 publications and have officially stopped counting.  It is rewarding to see my music on prominent lists and to discover positive reviews in music magazines.  By far, the best part is hearing directly from teachers and students who enjoy teaching and performing the pieces!  Most of my publications are for piano, and levels range from early elementary to advanced levels. The easiest way to browse through this music is to visit links (listed below) on music distributors' and publishers’ websites. At these sites, you can see the music covers, view pdfs of pages, read brief descriptions and order according to your needs. Another great source is my YouTube channel: Wynn-Anne Rossi Music. Enjoy browsing and keep in touch!






* = NFMC choice (2021-2024)



Abundant Silence:

Grief: Rumination, Remembrance, Resolve (Adv)

Modern Dances for the Creative Pianist (LI - Adv)

Theme and Ten Variations (Adv)


Alfred Music:

Christmas Medleys for Students (3 books, LE - I)

* Jazzin' Americana (4 books, LE - LI)

* Musica Latina (4 books, LE - LI)

Musica de Navidad (4  books, LE - LI)

One of a Kind (5 books, E - LI)

Signature Solos (books 3 - 6, with other authors)


Boston Music:

Fourth Seasons (I)

Grecian Pillars (I)

CCC Music Company:

Kitty Cat Etudes (EI)

Puppy Dog Etudes (EI)

Pura Vida: The Magic of Costa Rica (LI)

CCC is my U.S. distributor for Red Leaf Pianoworks:

Daily Comforts (2 books, LE-EI) 

Classics Made New (I)


FJH Music:

A Day in the Life of a Cat (LE)

A Day in the Life of a Dog (EI)

An Alaskan Tour (I)

Dancing with the World (4 books, E-LI)

Intuitive Journeys (LI - adv)

Once There Was a Boy (E)

Once There Was a Girl (E)

Outside the Box (co-author Kevin Olson, I)

Surprising Solos, (2 books, E-LE)

Trip Through the Rainforest (I)

In Recital ... various volumes with other authors

FJH Contemporary ... various volumes with other authors

Red Leaf Pianoworks (Canada):

Classics Made New (I)

Daily Comforts (2 books, LE-EI)



Alfred Music:

Creative Composition Toolbox (6 workbooks, E - LI)


FJH Music:

Fun & Games (3 books, E-LE music with games)

Get Ready for Duet series (6 scale/argeggio duet books)

Music By Me (5 workbooks, co-author Kevin Olson)

Treasures in Technique (5 books, primer - bk 4)




Alfred Music:

Christmas Medleys for Two (3 books, LE - I)

Jazzin' Americana for Two (4 books, LE - EA)

Musica Latina para Dos (4 books, LE - LI)

* APPC Duet series with other authors (3 books, 1B - 2B)


Alfred Music:

Along the Mississippi (LI)

South Dakota Scenery (LI)

Winter Illuminations (LI)




Alfred Music:

Bat That Ball (E)

Candlelight (I)

Colors (E)

Curious Rumba (E)

Homework Tango (E)

My Desert Island (E)

My Microscope (E)

Pyramid Power (E)

Rockin’ Roller Coaster (E)

Skeleton in my Closet (E)

Sleepy Creepy Zombie (E)

Sock Monster (E)

Spirit of the Mountain Stream (LI)

Summertime Samba (EI)

Tooth Fairy (E)

Boston Music:

Open Prairie Toccata (LI)

Path to Twilight (LI)

Tribute to Romance (LI)

CCC Music Company:

Songbird Serenade (LI)


FJH Music:

Build a Blanket House (E)

Dancing Through Musical Eras (LE)

Diamonds on the Water (I)

Eat My Vegetables (E)

Ghostrider (I)

Majestic Redwoods (I)

Memories of Midnight (I)

Metamorphosis (LI)

Nuts & Bolts (LE)

Old Man Oak Tree (LE)

Olympic Fanfare (I)

One Inch Taller (LE)

Quartal Scherzo (I)

Shadow Paintings (LE)

Sirens by the Sea (LI)

Star Sailing (LI)

Three Christmas Nocturnes (LI)

Wild Columbine Waltz (I)

Wind Chimes (I)




Abundant Silence:

Source (2 piano suite: Adv)


Alfred Music:

Brazilian Nights (I)

* Concertino in Latin Styles (2 piano: LE)

Lake Champlain Suite (LI)

Lost in the Wind (EI)

Tango Lights Celebration (I)

* Triumphant Journey (Trio: LI)


FJH Music:

Crystal Lake (LE)

Harvest Hoedown (LE)

Monster Play (E)

Rock, Scissors, Paper (E)

Rock Talk (LI)

Tag, You’re It (E)

Transylvania Trainride (I)




Alfred Music:

Skyscraper for clarinet, sax and piano (LI)


Boston Music:

Organic Rhapsody for Violin and Piano (LI)


Red Leaf Vocalworks (Canada):

Nature Passion Poems for lyric/mezzo soprano and piano

Family Farm for baritone or mezzo soprano and piano

CCC is my U.S. distributor for Red Leaf Vocalworks.


E = elementary

LE = late elementary

EI = early intermediate

I = intermediate

LI = late intermediate

EA = early advanced

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