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Red Leaf Pianoworks

My official launch with Red Leaf Pianoworks was October 15th, 2021! Red Leaf is a delightful collective of talented composers based in Canada. I'm pleased to be their first American composer!

My newest collections are two art song cycles: Family Farm (baritone/mezzo soprano) and Nature Passion Poems (lyric or mezzo soprano). These songs have a rich history for me, and I'm thrilled to share them with new, curious voices.


Also available are my first three piano collections with Red Leaf:  Classics Made New and Daily Comforts, books 1 & 2. 


Hard copies are available through Red Leaf Pianoworks/Vocalworks. Note that prices are Canadian.  My U.S. distributor for these books is CCC Music Company. 80 Days Publishing is the international distributor (pricing by country). Individual piano pieces and books are also available in digital format through  To order, click the button of your choice!

Most pieces can be heard on YouTube. Playlists of the complete books are easy to access on YouTube at Wynn-Anne Rossi Music.  SUBSCRIBE while you're there!


Family Farm is a 4-piece song cycle inspired by the heartland of the American Midwest where I was born. With the current, frenzied quest for maximum production, it is easy to wax nostalgic about the single family farm. Changing weather patterns, industrial progress and the simple nature of the land are voiced in these songs. The range is best suited for baritone or mezzo soprano. Selections include: Corn, Bad Weather, Machines and Farmer's Peace.


This song cycle, first featured on my CD, Take Me North, is an 8-piece collection inspired by Lake Superior and its surrounding territories. Written for soprano and piano, it is available for both lyric and mezzo ranges. Selections include: To the Inland Sea, To Lightning, To Daisy, To the Minnow, To the Oak, To Clouds, To the Common Rock and To Time.



This unique collection of intermediate - late intermediate piano solos is inspired by my favorite classical pieces as a young student.  These classics, written by treasured composers, spark happy memories for me!  They are also popular choices for my students.  And now, these new renditions offer jazzy updates to their traditional counterparts.  Consider using both versions in recitals and community performances.  Mix the nostalgia of the past with refreshing new sounds for the 21st century.  Classics Made New!


These two collections of late elementary - early intermediate piano solos celebrate the everyday comforts in our busy lives.  Using the inspiration of Haiku poetry, each piece creates an atmosphere to soothe the spirit and refresh the mind.  Book one titles include Chicken Noodle Soup, Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cozy Blanket and more.  Book two titles include Dark Chocolate Truffle, Perfect Cup of Tea, Lavender Bouquet and more.  Start each morning or finish each evening with sweet reminders of our Daily Comforts!

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