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New commissions are one of the great surprises in my life.  I can never predict what may come my way, and I love creating music with specific purpose.  I also value the relationships that grow from working with people in this unique, musical way.  It’s an easy process that begins with brainstorming.  




  • Who will be playing this music?

  • What is the instrumentation?

  • Where will it be premiered?

  • What length feels practical for its ultimate purpose?

  • Do you want this music to honor someone or reflect your area in some way?

  • What style might be appropriate?  Are there particular Rossi pieces that you admire?

  • Is there a way to involve your community in some way? A local grant?

Fees vary, depending on the length, the level of difficulty and the instrumentation. 
They can also be linked in with travel to the premiere. 

I have a contract that can be modified to reflect an agreement. 
If your group has a standard contract form,  I’m happy to use it.

Let’s talk!

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