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Review of Wynn-Anne’s Three Waltzes, recorded by Icelandic pianist Jon Sigurdsson: Malcolm Troup, Piano Journal


"Rossi uses a teasingly incremental style in the introduction to the first of her Three Waltzes, her simple opening line successively richer in harmonizations until we settle into a tender, almost naive, little waltz which gets kitschier each time round. The second is a 'minute waltz' in all but name ... perfect for one of Dr. Coppelius's dancing dolls. In the third, the melody is embedded in the right hand's even quaver motion. These exquisite miniatures, in the tradition of Debussy's La plus que Lent, could not have found a more persuasive interpreter than Jon Sigurdsson. A most auspicious first recording with everything ... pianist, choice of repertoire and sheer originality in its favour".

Article in Clavier Magazine about Rossi composition residencies in the Minnesota schools, April 2008.  (on left)

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